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Fiesta Fajitas


This vegetarian-friendly dish is a vibrant tapestry of tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, green and red bell peppers, yellow squash, zucchini, and carrots; all sautéed to perfection in an aromatic achiote sauce. Accompanying this veggie extravaganza are robust black beans, arroz poblano - a traditional Mexican rice dish, and creamy guacamole for a smooth, rich contrast. We add a burst of freshness with our pico de gallo and serve everything with warm, soft corn tortillas. 

Feel free to enhance your Veggie Fiesta Fajitas with your choice of succulent shrimp, juicy steak, or tender chicken. It's a delicious way to customize your dish and satisfy your cravings! (There is an upcharge for shrimp, steak, or chicken)

Add Grilled Chicken +$5Add Grilled Beef +$5
Tortilla Option:Flour Tortillas +$0.00Corn Tortillas +$0.00No Tortillas +$0.00
Extra Tortillas Option:Extra Flour Tortillas +$2Extra Corn Tortillas +$2