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Fiesta Express Street Taco Meal

Your choice of succulent Carnitas, hearty Beef, or tender Chicken. Each taco is a flavor-packed journey, topped with creamy Guacamole, zesty Pico de Gallo, smoky Salsa Quemada, fresh chopped Cilantro, crunchy Radish slices, and crumbled Cotija Cheese for that authentic Mexican touch.

Accompanying your tacos is a comforting serving of Mexican Rice and Beans, along with crispy Chips & our homemade Salsa.

Choose from two convenient sizes based on your needs: 
Half Tray, which includes 12 Street Tacos perfect for 4-6 guests.
Full Tray, featuring 24 Street Tacos, ideal for serving 10-12 guests.

Fiesta Express Taco Options:1/2 Tray Serves 4-5 Guest. 12 Tacos +$75Full Tray Serves 10-12 Guest. 24 Tacos Guest +$145
Fiesta Express Meat Option:All Grilled Chicken All Carne Asada All Carnitas Half Carnitas & Half Carne Asada Half Chicken & Half Carnitas Half Chicken & Half Carne Asada

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